EUR pallets

euro alused
EUR and EPAL pallets are widely used worldwide
Size: 1200x800x144 mm
Weight: ~ 20 kg
Load capacity: up to 2500 kg

FIN kaubaalused

fin kaubaalus
The FIN pallet is a standard pallet mostly used in Finland
Size: 1200x1000x147 mm
Weight: ~ 25 kg
Load capacity: up to 2500 kg

One-time pallets

ühekordsed kaubaalused
One-time pallets are lighter and have a significantly lower load capacity than standard pallets of the same size
Sizes: 1200x1000, 1200x800, 600x800 mm

Pallet elevations and covers

kaubaalused koos ääristega
You can buy pallet collars/elevators and covers from us
Sizes: 1200x1000x200, 1200x800x200 ja 600x800x200 mm

New pallets of different dimensions according to your wishes

eri kaubaalused
It is possible to order pallets of different dimensions from our production unit in every size and every shape.
Get in touch and we will find the best solution

Wood blocks

puidust klotsid kütteks
We offer the opportunity to buy from us the remaining wood blocks in production at a good price (they are packed in bags) and we also offer transport for them

IPPC HT-4558

ht vastavusmärk
It is possible to find heat-treated pallets in our production
Our certificate: HT-4558

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